We recognize the significant consequences to hiring decisions you have to make. As a decision maker with a law firm or corporation you have to identify a candidate with the optimum skill set and most appropriate all-around fit for your organization. Because your concerns include balancing work flow, leveraging existing talent and sending them appropriate signals, projecting future work-flow, and other pressing issues, we will screen interested candidates, offer candid feedback, and work to make the entire process as efficient for you as possible. We will respect your time and will not over burden you or your staff with unnecessary contact. We will work to learn as much as we can about the specific opportunity at your company so that we can better understand your firm’s unique opportunity, vision, and culture in order to effectively articulate these values to suitable prospective candidates.

We commit to the following essentials in our relationships with employers:

Gateway Legal Placements
  • Accuracy: Accuracy: GLP will provide you with accurate information.
  • Discretion: GLP will protect your confidences in regard to communications you designate as confidential.
  • Integrity: GLP will not recruit any attorney from your office for a period of one year following a placement and will not recruit a candidate we placed with you