At Gateway Legal Placements (GLP) we recognize that in working with attorneys we are not merely facilitating a “job change” but counseling clients on critical career decisions that also have profound implications on your family and your future. We pledge to provide you with our best efforts on your behalf and offer honest, confidential advice. We will always provide as much information as possible so that you can make the decision which is right for you.

Our professional success is tied to your satisfaction in your new position and success in your career. Consequently, we see ourselves as your partner in achieving these objectives.

Gateway Legal Placements

We will walk with you through the entire process:

  • GLP will meet with you in person to learn how you came to your current position and what your professional aspirations are.
  • GLP will review your resume, offer constructive appraisal, and will help with rewrites where necessary.
  • GLP will identify reasonable and relevant opportunities based on your practice area and career goals.
  • GLP will be forthright in discussing the nature of our contacts and will share how we can help in your search.
  • GLP will provide you with the most accurate information we have and will disclose all employer information you will need in order to make your decision to accept an offer.
  • GLP will present your materials to an employer only with your express prior consent.
  • We will prepare you for the interviews we coordinate; we will identify weaknesses and help promote your strengths.
  • GLP will keep you apprised of any and all developments concerning your search in a timely manner.
  • GLP will be available to you at your convenience.
  • GLP will share our expertise and perspective with you, but we will never attempt to exert undue influence over your decision making process.
  • GLP will do our utmost to protect your confidences.

Success for us is your continued success in the new position we help you secure. Ultimately, based on your experience with us, we hope that you and your new firm or company will be a source of additional referrals to us.